Liborio Mangiapane

Liborio Mangiapane

The Farm

Situated in the center of Sicily, on the Palermo-Agrigento highway at the foot of Mount Cammarata, Liborio Mangiapane raises 75 Modicana cattle, a local heritage breed, which is hardy and produces milk of exceptional quality. The animals are grazed free-range, with their diet supplemented with hay produced on the farm from sulla and clover and a small amount of concentrate feed made from barley, wheat and beans, which is also made on the farm using a small mill.
Milk produced by 40 Modicana cows is always used in an unpasteurized state. The farm’s main product is Caciocavallo Sicano, but Liborio also produces fresh Provola cheeses and, of course, ricotta. The veal is sold in the farm shop and in butchers in the towns of Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini.

Farm Gate Sales

Please phone ahead to arrange a suitable time.

Our Cheeses

Fresh cow’s ricotta €4/kg
Fresh Provola €10/kg
Caciocavallo Sicano, €16.50/kg

Retail Outlets

Macelleria Zambrone, 3 Via Giulio Cesare, 92020 San Giovanni Gemini (Ag)
Gi. Tre di Giarratana A.&C, 6 Via Pertini, Cammarata, 92022 (Ag)
Salumeria Armetta, 6 via dei Quartieri (Piazza San Lorenzo) Palermo
Ciminnisi Rita & C. S.r.l., 161 Via Umberto I, 92020 San Giovanni Gemini (Ag)

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